Every player starts with a builder unit at the beginning of a game.

The builder is free to move inside the team’s side of the map. It is also equipped with a lot of abilities to play the game.

Focus Fire [A]Using this ability will force all towers in range to attack the target.
Hold Position [H]Builder will not move.
Patrol [P]The builder will patrol between the current and the clicked position on the map.
Special SkinsSpecial builder skins.
Phantom Placement [Q] Ghost Tower Placement helps coordinate teams by placing a ghost tower saying “here”, showing others where to place towers
Range Check [D] Range Tester will create a circle of wisps showing the range of towers, usable on towers and empty spaces.
Special Effects Add an effect to you builder increasing your customization further.
Season/Tournament SkinsSkins that were awarded to tournament and ranked season players.
Summoning Building [B]Build basic towers with your builder.
Class Info [Z]Additional information on the classes.
Change Skin Cycle through basic skins or unlock a special skin in events/tournaments


The castle is the most important building in the game.

If your castle falls you team looses and if your enemy’s castle gets destroyed your team wins. The castle can shoot arrows at a range of 1100 on enemy units. Furthermore, each team have defensive spells but they can only be used once per game.

Last Hope [Q] Last Hope will kill all units in a large radius around the castle. (one time use)
ChaostowerKillshok’s Finger [W] Finger of Death will kill one unit. (one time use)

Castle Tower

Each team starts the game with two castle towers.

The castle towers have a range of 900 and shoots arrows at incoming enemies. The damage and health of the towers increase after every round.

Repairs [Q] Repair will repair for 30% of towers maximum HP.