Welcome to Pyro TD, a custom WarCraft 3 map for up to 8 players. Join our community by visiting our discord. You can find a link to our Discord server at the top of the website.

You begin play by voting on the game modes. Standard vs Gold mode, Chaos Tower vs disabled, Gold Trading vs disabled.

Standard is a slower game mode where your income is limited, and the game play is slower than Gold mode.

Gold mode is quick compared to Standard mode. All players receive 4x the gold amount you would get in Standard mode every round as well as bonus 1 gold per second. The castles and towers are also stronger to compensate for stronger buffed units. This mode allows for quick counters. As such this mode is generally preferred by players who can read the field easily and make those quick counters.

Ultimately, you want to work with your team. If you don’t work with your team, you are going to have a much harder time. In many cases, it’s the team with the most “solo” players that ends up losing. In this, you will want to coordinate with your team to decide how you are going to build.

There are two main types of builds. Single Target and Area of Effect. When going single target, you will want to slow units with frost mages. This allows units to separate so your towers can have solo time with single units before another footman is in range. Frost wizards are your doom when you go single target. Clumping units doesn’t allow for multiple units to get buffed fully by the single target towers. Area of Effect towers, however, benefit from frost wizards. When going AOE, you want the units clumped.