Every player starts with a builder unit at the beginning of a game.

The builder is free to move inside the team’s side of the map.


It is also equipped with a lot of abilities to play the game.

Focus Fire [A]Using this ability will force all towers in range to attack the target.
Hold Position [H]Builder will not move.
Patrol [P]The builder will patrol between the current and the clicked position on the map.
Special SkinsSpecial builder skins.
Phantom Placement [Q] Ghost Tower Placement helps coordinate teams by placing a ghost tower saying “here”, showing others where to place towers
Range Check [D] Range Tester will create a circle of wisps showing the range of towers, usable on towers and empty spaces.
Special Effects Add an effect to you builder increasing your customization further.
Season/Tournament SkinsSkins that were awarded to tournament and ranked season players.
Summoning Building [B]Build basic towers with your builder.
Class Info [Z]Additional information on the classes.
Change Skin Cycle through basic skins or unlock a special skin in events/tournaments
Pro Tip:
Map your Builder to a group hotkey to gain quick access while playing.