END SEASONS Tournament

Looking for a challenge? Then join our END SEASONS Tournament.


The tournament will be played in teams of 2 players, but with 4 builders total (Competitive game settings). Download the exclusive Tournament Map.

Group stage

All participating teams will be split into 4 groups. In this group every team have to battle against all other teams in their respective group in a best of 1 game. A win will reward 1 point and a loss will count as 0 point. After all teams have played against each other, the team with the most points will advance to the elimination stage.

Elimination stage

The winning teams of each group will play against each other in a best of 3 games. The winners of these matches will advance to the finals, and the loosing teams are playing for third.

The finals and 3rd place games are played in a best of 3 games format again.


  • Disqualified or Ineligible players are not eligible to receive prizes.
  • Players must be at least 13 years of age to compete.
  • Players must keep a respectful environment, no bashing, no trash talking, no taunting

Tournament Admins have the last and final word.