Welcome to the strategies section of Pyro TD.  This guide will help you coordinate with your teammates when deciding whether to go single target or aoe.

Single Target
If your team decides to go single target you will want to cover a number of roles.  These roles consist of “Rule Breaker”, “Evolutions”, “Healer”, “Damage”, “Armor”, “Froster” (aka microing the field).  More than 1 person can have the same job and the same job can be split up between players.  As long as the roles are coordinated, you should be fine.

Building Together

Generally the team that builds together beats the team that doesn’t.  This is because sharing auras saves your team a lot of gold.  The team that doesn’t build together has to spend extra gold on more auras that have already been built by someone else.  If they had just built together, they would have both benefited from the aura that was built and could use that gold to build or upgrade another tower.

Rule Breaker.

On each side of the map, there is a “U” shaped area closest to where the footmen spawn.  Generally, this is a safe spot to build your Rule Breaker.  Some players may build the Rule Breaker at the very start, but that causes issues with evolutions and separating units later.  The second thing to note is the type of Rule Breaker you want to Build.  Note that although the Fast Rule Breaker allows you to hit all 10 footmen, it’s generally not a good idea when going single target.  A slow Rule Breaker can very easily hit 5 units and skilled players can hit even more.  If you don’t plan on having 10 evolutions, there is just no need to hit all 10 units with the Rule Breaker.  A slow Rule Breaker will allow you to get an evolution very early.  Skilled players can get them out on round 2 and everyone else can get one out by round 3.  The same cannot be said about the Fast Rule Breaker.


You are going to want to upgrade your footmen into better units.  The best players can handle 5-6 of these, but if you don’t have the practice, you will want to stick to around 3.  The Captain is generally the unit for tanking, while the Raider is usually the best support, and the Mage is usually the best unit to deal with troops.  As such they are also pretty good counters vs each other.  Captain beats Raider, Raider beats Mage, Mage beats Captain.

Buffing Towers

Health/Weapon/Armor towers will want to be built in the middle section.  Building in the middle area will allow you to hit your important units twice, once on the way through and once more on the way back.  Utilizing frost mages will allow you to put heavy stats on units.

Ultimately, you want to work with your team.  If you don’t work with your team, you are going to have a much harder time.  In many cases, the team with the most “solo” players will end up losing.  In Pyro TD, you will want to coordinate with your team to decide how you are going to build.

Frost Mages

These are your low cost towers that are going to help you load stats onto your units.  These towers not only give you extra time to buff units while they are in range, but they can also be used to separate the units further from each other so later units don’t wander into range until you’re done buffing the previous unit.  Some players can use rank 2 frost mages to keep up to 5 different units separated fully so your main set of towers can buff up to 5 of your units.  Without a lot of practice, you should be able to get 3 to 4.

Chain Towers

Massing chain towers is usually a bad idea.  Since you want to build with other players, you really only want a few towers.  In this case, making a single chain weapon or armor rank 3 or a single chain health rank 4 is better than a full circle of chain rank 1.  For the amount of money you spent on a fully upgraded chain tower, each round after you built it, it gains the equivalent of 21% of what you would have gotten if you had spent that money on a weapon/armor smith or priest.  This means it will take 6 rounds to match what a weapon/armor smith or priest would have, but by the 7th round after building it, it is actually worth more than that weaponsmith or priest that you would have built and they continue to grow in power.  This allows to save your gold and spend it elsewhere.

Weapon/Armor Smiths and Priests

These are your standard buffing towers.  If you need quick cheap stats, these are what you should build.  If you’re on round 7 and you need more damage, you shouldn’t build another Chain weapon.  That tower takes too much time to be worth it’s bonus, instead you should use the basic towers as they give more buff this round “and the next 4” than a chain would have.  A common strategy when you’re down on damage/armor is to mass the rank 1s as it’s very cheap to do and give a significant boost.  Priests have very little value drop off as you rank them up, so they don’t really need to be massed ever.